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Johnston Kitchens Top 5 Kitchen Design Tips

The kitchen is the hub of the home and the focus of family activity or lifestyle entertaining. A well designed, well equipped and well accessorised kitchen will provide a great sense of pride and provide a focal for the home and entertaining. When you design your kitchen you must, of course, consider its function but the ‘look factor’ is now just as important.
When thinking of ideas for the design of your kitchen it is best to select one basic look or design theme. This can be done in various ways depending on the amount of money available, the kitchen’s layout and your taste.


The kitchen’s size and layout should be based on your, or your family’s, lifestyle. What will be it’s primarily role in the home and how will it be used? Cooking – entertaining – eating – family activities? The skill is to decide its major function, or functions, and plan accordingly. It is an art to create the best, most flexible kitchen – including part cooking, part entertaining, part living and part family room.



Gather your ideas together, from showrooms, brochures, the internet and magazines and put them altogether on a ‘mood board’. This will give the initial inspiration for the kitchen design and provide a constant reference point for design decisions and details. Also visit kitchen showrooms to get ideas on what style or look you like, as well as an idea of the use of space and types of equipment required.



Work out the space that is available or needed and set out the ideal work ‘triangle’. This is where the kitchen needs to function at its best. The Preparation – Cooking – Cleaning area. But also bear in mind the storage and serving requirements.
Finally, decide where to locate appliances and other features to best complement the working area.



What style or design do you like?
The design of a kitchen involves use of colour, materials, storage and fittings. It may also involve a choice between colour or timber cabinet doors or between stone or timber for work surfaces. All complemented by clever use of features, gadgets and accessories.
For example, a contemporary look is characterised by simple and geometric lines. It can be minimalist but with bold design flourishes or features. Wood, stone and colour paint are great accents for this style.


Other Elements:

Flooring sets the tone for the whole kitchen. The textural quality and colour of the floor appeals to the eye and affects how the space is perceived. The two most successful materials are tiles or stone. The premium floor finish, in terms of wear and tear, is ceramic tiles, and with under-floor heating you won’t even get cold feet!
As a guide, lighter timbers will need strong, bold colour accents, while darker timbers need accentuation with chrome or stainless steel fittings and accessories.
Lighting; it is very important that the area is well lit, with plenty of light units, but also it needs to be flexible to create different moods.
Central, well diffused, general lighting should be complemented by strong accent or feature lighting that punches through the general light. Adjustable accent lighting is vital to make sure the work areas are properly lit and feature areas spot lit.
Finally, all the lighting should be individually switched and dimmable to allow different light levels and effects.

So, designing a new kitchen that’s right for you is great fun and your design will provide a fresh, stylish space that will wow friends and family alike.

At Johnston kitchens we do our best to create kitchens in the style and design that our customers envisage. Most customers find it difficult to visualise their kitchen style and layout based on just looking at kitchen displays, therefore we at Johnston Kitchens provide customers with a custom 3D computerised design of their kitchen which can be altered on the spot to meet their design and layout requirements.

Now all you have to do is enjoy selecting the colours and choosing the appliances and accessories to give the finishing touches to your design.